Treat Yourself with a Unique Collection of Personalised Jewellery

Treat Yourself with a Unique Collection of Personalised Jewellery

Posted by Vineet Agarwal on 21st Jun 2019

The modern era women are very much mentally and financially independent, unlike the older decades. While receiving gifts and being surprised by your loved ones are equally adorable but you being unique ‘you’ sometimes deserve that authenticity. Your personality, your style is not the same as anyone else. You have different dreams, different hopes, and a completely different life from others. So, when it comes to jewellery, why would you wear something that everyone else does? Have you ever considered  personalised jewellery that is made exclusively for you?

What Is Personalised Jewellery and What’s So Special About It?

As the name suggests, personalised jewelleryis uniquely made for you that talk about your style and personality loud and clear. It could be a simple pendant with your name engraved or a finger ring with your choice of stone. You can have the faces of your loved ones or your favourite one-liner inscribed in the jewellery.

Not only for you, but it could also even make a great gift for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day and so on. Imagine how cool it will be to match personalised jewellery with your partner.

Common Types of Personalised Jewellery to Give You an Idea

Name Jewellery

You can have pendant, bracelets, bangles or finger rings with your name and that of your loved one etched into it. You can even have bracelet or pendants spelling out your name in full. These are chick and subtle while making you feel great about wearing such personalised jewellery.

Fingerprint Jewellery

This is a kind of jewellery on which your fingerprints or those of your near and dear ones have been etched. Finger rings, pendants, and earrings are the most commonly found forms of this kind of jewellery. This kind of jewellery is preferred by many because of the personal touch associated with this.

Face Jewellery

Want to keep your dear one close to your heart? Have his or her face engraved on the pendant.This is really a special kind of jewellery as you can have the face of your loved one always close to your heart. This kind of personalised jewellery is a real hit among many.

Initial Jewellery

It incorporates the initials of your name or that of your loved ones into the jewellery. It comes in a variety of designs, traditional as well as contemporary.Apart from these, there is 3D jewellery, Voice wave jewellery, Barcode jewellery in the market which is very unique and highly personalised.

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