Caring for your Jewellery

Caring for your Aye Do Gifts Silver Plated Jewellery

  • Protect it from perfumes, hairsprays and cosmetics and  as these can erode the plating
  • Avoid getting the jewelry wet with your sweat. Remove the jewelry when you are going to engage in some strenuous physical activity
  • Store it in a box out of direct sunlight wrap in acid free tissue paper to protect from tarnish
  • Handle and wear with care
  • Remove tarnish  with a polishing cloth but reduce the amount of polish used as over exposure can remove the silver plating
  • Unlike sterling silver, silver plated jewellery will eventually wear, some will last longer than others depending on the thickness of it’s layers
  • Proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage are critical for extending its life usage

Here is a green tip on cleaning silver plated jewelry items

This tip is like magic: You can magnetize the tarnish away.

  • line the bottom of a bowl with a sheet of aluminum foil and fill the bowl with warm water
  • Add a generous amount of salt -- about 4 tablespoons -- and a squirt of liquid dish soap
  • Place the tarnished jewelry on top, and voila! You'll see the tarnish begin to disappear -- a natural chemical reaction that actually magnetizes the tarnish right off. No buffing or rubbing needed
  • Wipe clean and dry with a terry towel.